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  • 🚨 Tesla to unveil Robotaxi, Elon Musk announces.

🚨 Tesla to unveil Robotaxi, Elon Musk announces.

Top AI Tools for Facebook Advertising Campaigns in 2024

Hello humans,

Welcome to another edition of the AI Chronicles

In this edition, we'll discuss ChatGPT Prompts For Resume Building

🗞 This Week in AI

  • Microsoft to invest US$2.9 billion in AI and cloud infrastructure in Japan while boosting the nation’s skills, research and cybersecurity.

  • Google Cloud announces updates to Gemini, Imagen, Gemma and MLOps on Vertex AI.

  • Meta plans to tease Llama 3 next week before a broader summer 2024 launch.

  • Tesla to unveil Robotaxi on August 8, Elon Musk announces.

  • Dell unveils AI-Enabled PC Lineup in India.

👀 ChatGPT Prompts For Resume Building

  1. Showcase Achievements

    Create bullet points for my most recent [insert job title] role that showcases my achievements and impact.

  2. Unique selling points

    Generate a summary that emphasizes my unique selling points and sets me apart from other candidates.

  3. Tailored Resume

    Write a tailored resume for this [TITLE] role at [COMPANY]. Don't include an objective statement or references, but do include a professional summary, my past 10 years of work experience with 3-5 bullet points per role, and incorporate the most important keywords from the job description in those achievements. [Copy/paste the job description.]

  4. Bullet Points

    Create bullet points highlighting my experience managing [insert relevant task, e.g., budgets, teams, etc.]

  5. Review Resume

    Please review my resume and suggest any improvements or edits.

  6. Resume with Past Experience

    Based on this job description for a [JOB TITLE] role at [COMPANY], write a resume for my past [X] years of work experience with 3-5 bullet points per role that include metrics and the most important 10 keywords from the job description. My past titles and companies were [X, Y, and Z]. No need to include an objective statement. [Copy/paste the job description.]

  7. Email Template

    Create a thank you email template to send after the interview.

  8. CV Bullet Points

    Write CV bullet points with a quantifiable matrix for [X role]

  9. Common Mistakes

    What are some common mistakes job seekers make in their resumes?

  10. Write Resume

    Write a resume based on this [TITLE] position at [COMPANY] and include bullet point achievements that show impact and metrics. [Copy/paste the job description.]

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🧠 AI Fun Fact

While most AI chatbots are represented as genderless, 37% of them are female, which is almost double the number of male bots. Companies may choose to gender AI bots female to encourage greater acceptability, as they believe female voices are more approachable than male voices. Some research suggests that people intuitively favor female bots over male bots because female bots are judged as warmer and more likely to experience emotions.

That wraps up today's segment of The AI Chronicles.

See you next Wednesday!