🚨 Spotify Uses AI For Personalisation 🎶

42% of Mac users utilize AI apps daily

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This week in AI

  • 🤖 OpenAI bolsters DALL-E 3 with a complex set of rules, effectively curbing the generation of discriminatory or potentially illegal images, and enhancing content safety.

  • 🗽 New York City's recent release of its Artificial Intelligence Action Plan presents a comprehensive framework, delineating how the city's agencies should responsibly harness AI technologies for various applications, ensuring ethical and efficient use.

  • 🎥 YouTube introduces "Spotlight Moments," a novel advertising package employing Google AI to automatically pinpoint the most popular videos associated with specific cultural events like Halloween, award shows (e.g., the Oscars), and sporting events, offering advertisers a data-driven edge.

  • 🍏 The adoption of AI-based applications among Mac users is surging, with a recent report from app subscription service Setapp revealing that 42% of Mac users utilize AI apps daily. Furthermore, 63% of these users affirm the enhanced benefits of AI-powered apps over their non-AI counterparts, underlining the growing prominence of artificial intelligence in the Mac ecosystem.

🎶 Spotify Uses AI For Personalisation

Spotify’s AI is creating a personalized music experience for each user here’s how

⭐️ Voice Model Crafted with Experts: Spotify has teamed up with the dynamic Xavier 'X' Jernigan to develop a voice model for the AI DJ, promising a seamless and enjoyable auditory experience for all listeners.

⭐️ AI Voice Translation for Global Reach: With collaboration from renowned podcasters like Dax Shepard, Monica Padman, Lex Fridman, Bill Simmons, & Steven Bartlett, Spotify now offers AI-powered voice translation in Spanish, French, & German.

⭐️ This not only makes podcasts globally accessible but also retains the unique style of the original speakers, delivering a natural and engaging listening experience for international audiences.

📌 Prompt Generated Playlists – Coming Soon!: Users will simply provide prompts, and Spotify’s AI will craft playlists that perfectly align with their moods & preferences.

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🧠 AI Fun Fact

DeepMind, an AI entity under the umbrella of Google, has demonstrated its ability to outperform the majority of Starcraft 2 players and hold its own against the top-tier competitors.

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