🚨 Open AI Launched An AI App Store 👀

And it's usecases

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Last night was the biggest day this year for AI with Open AI announcing new updates about their App Store.

Here’s a quick overview

 👀 Open AI Launched An AI App Store

OpenAI just announced the launch of an AI app store It will create the next generation of millionaires That's it: OpenAI made two major announcements yesterday that triggered the AI ​​equivalent of an earthquake:

✅ Custom GPT: Now anyone can create a custom version of ChatGPT without writing a line of code

✅ GPT Store: Anyone can sell these GPTs in the GPT Store later this month Like the launch of Apple's App Store 15 years ago, this is a once-in-a-lifetime technological shift.

✅ Revenue Sharing: Sam mentioned that the company will share revenue from the GPT Store with GPT creators.

✅ Text to Speech: They also launched text-to-speech API which offers 6 hyper-realistic voice models.

AI Assistants: This new Assistants API enables building AI applications with specific goals.

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🧠 AI Fun Fact

One of the first AI programs was created in 1965 by Carl Djerassi.

It was named DENDRAL and it automatically discovered unknown forms of medications.

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