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  • 🚨 Is GPT-5 on the cards? What might it look like?

🚨 Is GPT-5 on the cards? What might it look like?

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Hello humans,

Welcome to another edition of the AI Chronicles

In this edition, we'll discuss Top 10 Cool AI Subreddits for Enthusiasts

🗞 This Week in AI

👀 Top 10 Cool Subreddits for AI Enthusiasts

  1. r/OpenAI

    OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company. OpenAI's mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.

  2. r/artificial

    With over 500,000 members, this community discusses daily AI news, the most recent advancements, AI generators and chatbots, and companies operating in the field. Users are also welcome to showcase their work and ask for help.

  3. r/ArtificialInteligence

    The goal of the r/ArtificialIntelligence is to provide a gateway to the many different facets of the Artificial Intelligence community, and to promote discussion relating to the ideas and concepts that we know of as AI.

  4. r/midjourney

    Midjourney is a popular AI-based program that generates images based on provided text prompts. r/midjourney is an official subreddit for sharing Midjourney-powered content with over 960,000 members!

  5. r/GPT3

    Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is a large language model (LLM) developed by OpenAI—and the main focus of this subreddit which counts more than 590,000 members.

  6. r/MachineLearning

    This subreddit revolves around machine learning (ML), a branch of AI that explores how machines analyze and interpret data. It’s perfect for those who want to learn more about ML, get illuminating answers, and discuss projects, neural networks, and news trending in this arena.

  7. r/PromptDesign

    Prompts are used to instruct AI chatbots and systems to deliver desired results and responses. The r/Promptdesign subreddit is all about discussions on creating contextual prompts for various platforms, including Bing AI, Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion.

  8. r/AIGenArt

    AI subreddits don’t always have to be about news and developments! If you appreciate art created with AI-based tools, don’t hesitate to join the laidback r/AIGenArt subreddit!

  9. r/aiArt

    r/aiArt is another subreddit dedicated to AI-generated visual and digital art. It has 190,000+ members, so you’ll be able to enjoy loads of fresh content every day and expect good engagement for your posts.

  10. r/Automate

    This subreddit is a fantastic place to share personal projects and invite users to try out your automation. The support you’ll get from the community tends to be constructive, on-point, and empowering.

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In 2018, Amazon’s Face Recognition Falsely Matched 28 Members of Congress With Mugshots.

That wraps up today's segment of The AI Chronicles.

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