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  • 🚨 Follow these 8 steps to create a $100K Ad Copy!

🚨 Follow these 8 steps to create a $100K Ad Copy!

10 AI Tools to create YouTube Shorts/ Reels faster.

Hello humans,

Welcome to another edition of the AI Chronicles

In this edition, we'll talk about how crafting Facebook advertisements is simpler than ever thanks to ChatGPT's user-friendly interface and helpful features.

🗞 This Week in AI

  • MeitY looks to tap startups, IITs to develop safe AI.

  • OpenAI’s annualized revenue reportedly tops $1.6 Billion.

  • Google could layoff 30,000 employees to focus on AI.

  • The New York Times is suing OpenAI (and Microsoft) over use of copyrighted content.

  • The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court focuses on AI opportunities and threats to the legal system in year-end report.

👀 Creating Facebook Ads has never been easier with ChatGPT

Step 1: Creating Effective Facebook Ad Copy

Can you provide examples of effective ad copy to promote [product] for [audience]? Make sure they are [persuasive/playful/emotional] and mention these benefits: [Benefit 1] [Benefit 2] [Benefit 3] Finish with a call to action saying [CTA]. Add 3 emojis to it.

Step 2: Generating Ideas for Creatives

Prompt 1: What kind of images would work to promote [product]? → Prompt 2: List the adjectives of [the image or scene you chose]. → Prompt 3: Describe in detail [the image or scene you chose].

Step 3: Writing Headlines for Facebook Ads

Give me examples of catchy headlines for a [topic or product] that will make people want to [desired action]. Make them BuzzFeed style.

Step 4: Writing Facebook ad video scripts

Write a script outline for a 2 minute video to sell [product] to [audience], mentioning the following benefits: **[Benefit 1] [Benefit 2] [Benefit 3].**

Step 5: Creating Attention-Grabbing Images

Describe an image that represents [product/service] in a [luxurious, adventurous, modern etc] style. How can you use typography, color, and other design elements to achieve this look and feel?

Step 6: A/B Testing Copy for Conversion

Rewrite the following copy to be more persuasive and easy to read: →[Copy and paste the control copy]. →Add the following elements to this facebook ad copy: →First line: Struggling with [pain point]? →Testimonials: [Testimonial 1] [Testimonial 2] →Call to action: We only have 3 models left, buy now! [Copy and paste the control copy].

Step 7: Researching Your Ideal Client’s Pain Points and Desires

Write an Emotional 500-word Journal Entry from the perspective of [ideal client] who is struggling with [pain points]. He feels [emotions] and wants to [dream outcomes].

Step 8: Brainstorming New Angles for Creatives

What are 10 angles to selling a [product] to [ideal customer]?

🦾 AI-Tools of the Week

These 10 AI Tools can help you create YouTube Shorts/ Reels 1000X Faster.

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🧠 AI Fun Fact

World’s fastest supercomputer by IBM (called Summit) identified 77 potential COVID-19 treatments that may be able to halt COVID-19 dead in its tracks in 2020.

That wraps up today's segment of The AI Chronicles.

See you next Wednesday!