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Welcome back to AI Chronicles. Here's a quick update on the AI world

  • Google and Universal Music have joined forces to support artists in receiving their rightful earnings.

  • Nvidia has unveiled its latest AI chip, featuring three times the memory capacity compared to its predecessor.

  • Spotify's AI DJ is now accessible worldwide, enhancing music curation and enjoyment for listeners everywhere.

  • Nvidia introduces an impressive super chip and announces a collaboration with Hugging Face for advanced AI capabilities.

  • Project IDX, an innovative AI-driven browser-based development environment, has been introduced by Google to facilitate web development.

👇🏻The very first AI ChatBot

When it comes to AI chatbots, ChatGPT isn't the first trailblazer that made

waves, ELIZA did it in the 1960s.

ELIZA, a nifty little program that dabbled in the art of natural language processing was built at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum.

It was initially meant to showcase just how surface-level human-computer chitchat was back then. When it landed on personal computers, folks found themselves surprisingly engaged.

While ELIZA's core was coded in MAD-SLIP, its language prowess lay in separate script-like directives. The renowned DOCTOR script, echoing Rogerian psychotherapy, skillfully posed non-directive questions based on user input, solidifying ELIZA as a pioneering chatbot and an early Turing test contender.

The landscape of Generative AI, entailing the creation of instant outputs, boasts historical roots preceding contemporary times. ELIZA enabled users to input questions for interaction with a simulated therapist. Despite its outwardly innovative responses, the chatbot's basis lay in a rule-based lookup table system.

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NASA's Mars rovers, including Curiosity and Perseverance, use AI to navigate and make decisions on Mars' surface. These AI systems help the rovers avoid obstacles and plan their routes.

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