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  • Meta is developing chatbots infused with AI capabilities in a bid to keep users engaged.

  • Pearson, a textbook publisher, is set to unveil study tools enhanced by AI technology, responding to concerns about declining shares due to worries about AI replacing traditional methods.

  • According to a survey, 75% of Morgan Stanley interns utilize ChatGPT, even if only occasionally.

Karya: Empowering Voices, Changing Lives

Gaining attention due to a recent Times article, the Indian nonprofit organization Karya has come into the spotlight for its commendable efforts in fairly compensating laborers who contribute training data for AI models. It proudly labels itself as "the pioneer in ethical data enterprise."

The movement of ethical AI data work taken by Karya in regional languages, where communities are reclaiming their mother tongues and earning fair wages for their voices to shape the future.

In India, a boom in artificial intelligence (AI) has led to increased demand for datasets in regional languages, benefiting millions of people whose languages are underrepresented online. Large language models like ChatGPT work well in languages like English due to abundant data but struggle in lower-resourced languages like Kannada.

To meet this demand, many Indians, like Chandrika, are using an app that pays them for reading text aloud in their native language. However, the AI data sector is dominated by labor arbitrage companies that pay low wages to data workers while selling data to foreign clients at a high markup.

Amidst this landscape, a nonprofit startup called Karya is testing a new model. Karya pays workers an hourly wage, gives them ownership of the data they create, and reinvests its profits into the rural poor in India. The work is supplementary and not permanent, but it provides an income boost to workers, with the goal of uplifting millions of people out of poverty. Their approach is seen as a potential model for a more inclusive and ethical AI industry, offering a better way to address poverty in India and other countries.

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