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  • 🚨 ChatGPT outperforms 200 Wharton MBAs in a creativity test

🚨 ChatGPT outperforms 200 Wharton MBAs in a creativity test

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Welcome to yet another edition of AI Chronicles, arriving this fine Wednesday.

The AI industry has experienced a thrilling week, marked by notable developments.

This Week in AI

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  • Salesforce and Databricks Deepen Partnership, Streamlining Data Access and AI Development.

  • Google Unveils $20 Million Digital Futures Fund for AI Grants.

  • AI Outperforms MBA Students in Innovation, According to Recent Report.

  • IRS Utilizes AI to Target Ultra-Wealthy Tax Evaders.

  • Salesforce Research Reveals Generative AI Users: 65% Millennials or Gen Z, 72% Employed. More on this below 👇

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🤯 ChatGPT outperforms 200 Wharton MBAs in a creativity test

The capabilities of AI in generating ideas have sparked curiosity about its true potential compared to human creativity. Professors Christian Terwiesch and Karl Ulrich from the University of Pennsylvania embarked on a recent study that pitted 200 Wharton MBA students against ChatGPT.

Both the students and ChatGPT were given the same challenge: "Create an idea for a new product or service targeting college students, priced at $50 or less." The creativity of responses was evaluated based on the quantity of ideas generated, the average quality of those ideas, and the number of exceptionally innovative ideas.

In terms of quantity, ChatGPT unsurprisingly produced ideas at a considerably faster rate than the human participants. When it came to the average quality of ideas, human-generated ideas had an average purchase probability of 40%, while ChatGPT's ideas scored notably higher at 47%.

Perhaps the most remarkable finding was related to exceptionally innovative ideas. Among the top 10% of ideas, an impressive 88% were generated by ChatGPT, leaving only 12% credited to the students.

This study contributes to the mounting evidence showcasing the remarkable performance of generative AI in tasks that were once deemed the exclusive domain of humans. 🌟

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🧠 AI Fun Fact

From 2010 through the first quarter of 2020, AI venture funding skyrocketed to an astonishing $61 billion, with a significant portion of this investment flowing into companies based in the United States and China.

And with that, we conclude today's installment of The AI Chronicles.

Keep in mind that our exploration into the realm of AI is merely the start of an exciting journey.

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