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  • 🚨Amazon Music Launches Maestro, an AI-Powered Playlist Generator, in the US.

🚨Amazon Music Launches Maestro, an AI-Powered Playlist Generator, in the US.

Top AI Tools for Photo Restoration

Hello humans,

Welcome to another edition of the AI Chronicles

In this edition, we'll discuss GPTs for Ecommerce Store Owners.

🗞 This Week in AI

  • A new AI-powered wearable device designed by two former Apple executives has been scorned by reviewers.

  • Adobe explores OpenAI partnership as it adds AI video tools.

  • DeepMind CEO Says Google Will Spend More Than $100 Billion on AI.

  • Former OpenAI director calls for AI auditing; Mistral AI seeks $5 billion valuation.

  • Amazon Music Launches Maestro, an AI-Powered Playlist Generator, in the US.

👀 GPTs for Ecommerce Store Owners

  1. Ecommerce SEO Product

    Upload images or provide a description of your product and convert it into an enticing ecommerce product listing with Pitch AI.

  2. SEO Assist

    SEO Website Analysis with Google Quality Guidelines, Competitor Analysis. On-Page Optimizations. Top Ranked Sites. Competitive Site Comparisons. Keyword Density. Site Speed. Site Authority.

  3. Etsy SEO Expert

    Expert SEO creator for your Etsy listings.

  4. Ads Expert Pro 2024

    Expert in digital advertising, offering compliant strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Etsy, and Pinterest.

  5. Email Marketing Copywriter

    Write powerful copy for ecommerce email campaigns.

  6. Revenue-driven SEO keyword research and analysis

    A versatile Data Analyst designed to guide users through data cleaning, visualization, statistical analysis, and machine learning with practical code snippets and clear explanations.

  7. POD Merch Designer

    Creates designs for merch and auto-generates listings for Amazon Merch on Demand and RedBubble.

  8. Shopping Scout

    I'm an expert in finding Amazon products.

  9. Amazon Commerce Expert

    Expert guide for selling your brand on Amazon. Seller Central Tips. Advertising Strategies. Product Listing Optimization. FBA Fulfillment. "A-commerce" is commerce done on Amazon.

  10. Digital Marketing Mentor

    It help with digital marketing strategies & campaigns.

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🧠 AI Fun Fact

AI-powered voice-search feature on smartphones, smart speakers, and other voice-enabled gadgets is becoming increasingly mainstream, thanks to the technological advancements in the field of speech-recognition. Current Artificial Intelligence stats point out that 41 percent of people who use smart devices utilize the voice-search feature as often as once a day.

That wraps up today's segment of The AI Chronicles.

See you next Wednesday!